stamped concrete patio
Stamped Concrete Patios

Custom Stamped Concrete Patios ~ Stained Concrete Patios

Outdoor living areas are designed considering all possible uses, traffic patterns, furniture size, shapes and color coordination.

A common gathering space for homes and businesses, Kelly Designs In Concrete creates patios that work within your space constraints, while still delivering a warm and inviting feel for people to enjoy. We are experienced in simple patio projects or designing more decorative or elaborate spaces depending on your needs.  There are multiple options for your patio space, whether it be regular finish concrete with decorative tooling, varying degrees of exposed aggregate,  or colored and stamped concrete patio surfaces in multiple textures, patterns and finishes, or a combination!  As you can see by our completed projects, the possibilities are limitless.

Stamped Concrete Patios & Stained Concrete Patios

Click on the below featured images to see just a few of the possibilities. Our stamped concrete patio contractors will go over the cost to install a concrete patio, be it a stained concrete slab or a stamped concrete patio. Kelly Designs In Concrete designers will help you create your backyard space with custom stamped and stained concrete designs.

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