Rock Island One Day Garage Floor Coatings

Rock Island One Day Garage Floor Coatings

Rock Island One Day Garage Floor Coatings by Kelly Designs In Concrete is a great way to renew, protect and enhance your garage floor.

When it comes to garage floor coatings we’ve got you and your floor covered! We utilize only the best formulations of polyaspartic polyurea supplied by Penntek Industrial Coatings throughout our whole floor coating system. Whether for home or business, our Quad Cities garage floor coating is tough enough to stand up to dropped tools, heavy traffic, and spilled oil without staining, chipping, or cracking.

Penntek Certified Installer LogoIf your garage has an outdated, cracked, or inferior floor it can greatly reduce its value and functionality. It's easy to fix your garage floor with garage floor coating systems from Penntek! Our garage floor coatings are designed to withstand constant use, frequent impacts, and dramatic temperature fluctuations. Don't fool around with inferior products or DIY applications. Get a lifetime of beauty and protection at a price you can afford.

Davenport One Day Garage Floor Coatings

But Wait... There's More!

Rock Island Concrete Driveways

Sure we specialize in making your garage floor beautiful, but we do lots more. Like new concrete driveways.

Driveways are designed with function and maintenance as first considerations. Color stamp insets and borders can be used to carry a design theme through.

Our flatwork crews take into account important factors, such as grade, slope and water retention issues to ensure a seamless and clean finish for driveways. Here are some examples of our work.

Driveway built by Kelly Designs in Concrete

We can build any kind of driveway you like. From plain to wild. Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen.

Rock Island Concrete Replacement For Driveways, Patios, Garage Floors, Parking Lots and More

Kelly Designs in Concrete is the most experienced concrete contractor in Bettendorf. With over 40 years in the concrete business, there isn't a concrete surface we haven't had experience replacing, repairing or rejuvenating. We don't walk away until we're satisfied with our work. Here are some examples of projects we work on.

Rock Island Patios

We are experienced in simple patio projects or designing more decorative or elaborate spaces depending on your needs.

There are multiple options for your patio space, whether it be regular finish concrete with decorative tooling, varying degrees of exposed aggregate, or colored and stamped surfaces in multiple textures, patterns and finishes, or a combination!

The possibilities are limitless. When it comes to patios, we can do it all.

Rock Island Garage Floors

Your garage floor may be salt damaged, cracked, settled, or pooling water.  We are capable of removing the existing floor and giving you a brand new floor.  Another option for damaged floors are our concrete coatings - we are able to assess the floor and determine whether it is a candidate for a coating - saving you money versus a replacement!

Our decorative concrete contractors can help you decide on polyurea vs epoxy, stamped vs stained, patterned vs smooth, and so much more.

Commercial and Industrial

New or replacement parking lots, interior concrete floors and patching and exterior concrete surface patching, machine bases, piers, columns, footings.  Small or large scale.  Kelly Construction offers industrial epoxy flooring and commercial concrete services to handle any project.

Rock Island Parking Lots

We install new parking lots as well as remove and replace sections of existing parking lots.  We can extend the life of the parking lot with a concrete sealer.

Drainage Control

Drainage control goes hand in hand with concrete replacement.  We can install drainage tile, eliminate pooling or runoff issues, install culverts or fix or repair catch basins or drainage structures.

Rock Island Concrete Trip Removal

Our sister company specializes in the removal of concrete trip hazards to ensure ADA compliance and eliminate the risk of trip & fall hazards. Head over to their website at

Family Owned Since 1979

A job in college with a carpenter lead Kevin Kelly to realize that his passion for work could be found in the construction and concrete industries. That passion eventually lead Kevin to establish Kelly Construction, a family-owned company that began in 1979. In 1990, a new division called Kelly Designs in Concrete was formed that specialized in decorative stamped concrete.  In 2013 Kelly began its Concrete Coatings branch serving residential, commercial and municipal concrete repair and resilient flooring needs.

  • 1979 Kelly Construction formed
  • 1990 Kelly Designs In Concrete formed
  • 2013 Kelly Concrete Coatings formed

Working closely with his sons, Kevin now employs more than 30 staff members, who average over 10 years of experience at Kelly Designs in Concrete. Kelly offers a range of services from installing and providing concrete for footings, driveways, sidewalks and garage floors to parking lot replacement and basement water proofing.  Stamped and colored decorative concrete is an option for patios and retaining walls and the Kelly logo is all over town on walkways and public works projects.

Our Mission at Kelly Designs in Concrete

  1. Design – All concrete work should begin in a design phase, and we’re fortunate to have a graduate landscape architect on our staff. When we tackle a new project, we believe the end result is only as strong as the planning phase. This is why we take extra care when outlining a project to ensure that all our concrete services are functional, eye-pleasing and finished to the intimate details.
  2. Construct – Past customers praise us for the thoroughness that we exhibit on all concrete projects, and our construction phase takes into account factors such as run-off, drainage and variables with regard to climate.
  3. Maintain – As the elements will start to impact any concrete surface over time, Kelly Designs in Concrete specializes in restoration and maintenance of existing surfaces, through techniques such as full depth pavement patching and cleaning and sealing of existing regular and decorative surfaces.

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