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Kelly Designs in Concrete is the most experienced concrete contractor in the Quad Cities. With over 40 years in the concrete business, there isn't a concrete surface we haven't had experience replacing, repairing or rejuvenating. We don't walk away until we're satisfied with our work. Here are some examples of projects we work on.


Concrete Replacement - Concrete DrivewayDriveways are designed with function as a first consideration, with form following closely behind.  We like to add touches to your driveway that make it more usable and more aesthetically pleasing.

Concrete Replacement - Concrete DrivewayWe can add decorative concrete design elements to the driveway to make it stand out from the rest.  Our experienced concrete driveway crews use imprinted concrete techniques and can also add borders or other colors that can tie in to the entry walk or an architectural feature on your home.  We want you to love it as much as we do, with our stamped and stained concrete designs we offer form, function, and elegance.  We can even do stamped concrete over existing concrete .

Our experienced crews take into account important factors, such as grade, slope and water runoff.




We are experienced in simple patio projects or designing more decorative or elaborate spaces depending on your needs.

There are multiple options for your patio space, whether it be regular finish concrete with decorative tooling, varying degrees of exposed aggregate, or colored and stamped surfaces in multiple textures, patterns and finishes, or a combination!

As you can see by our completed projects, the possibilities are limitless.

When it comes to patios, we can do it all.

Stamped Concrete Patio

  • Concrete Patio Repair
  • Decorative Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Stained Designs
  • Unique Concrete Textures
  • Custom Concrete Patterns
  • Stamped Concrete Patio with a Fire Pit
  • Backyard Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas
  • Design Your Own Layout
  • Let Our Designers Create a Unique Space

Garage Floors

Your garage floor may be salt damaged, cracked, settled, or pooling water.  We are capable of removing the existing floor and giving you a brand new floor.  Another option for damaged floors are our concrete coatings - we are able to assess the floor and determine whether it is a candidate for a coating - saving you money versus a replacement!

Our decorative concrete contractors can help you decide on polyurea vs epoxy, stamped vs stained, patterned vs smooth, and so much more.

Commercial and Industrial

New or replacement parking lots, interior concrete floors and patching and exterior concrete surface patching, machine bases, piers, columns, footings.  Small or large scale.  Kelly Construction offers industrial epoxy flooring and commercial concrete services to handle any project.

Parking Lots

We install new parking lots as well as remove and replace sections of existing parking lots.  We can extend the life of the parking lot with a concrete sealer.

Drainage Control

Drainage control goes hand in hand with concrete replacement.  We can install drainage tile, eliminate pooling or runoff issues, install culverts or fix or repair catch basins or drainage structures.

Kelly Designs In Concrete Can Handle Any Concrete Job!

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Concrete Success Stories

Jarrod B. Avatar
Jarrod B.
8/16/2022 - Google
Awesome concrete coatings company that has years of experience. That install beautiful concrete coatings.
Leora B. Avatar
Leora B.
9/03/2023 - Google
Kelly replaced my driveway and sidewalk connecting to house and garage. They had some extreme heat to work around but have left me a driveway I love and accents my house beautifully. Great workers and a wonderful project completed. I would highly recommend Kelly. Thank you, Kraig.
Brian B. Avatar
Brian B.
10/28/2019 - Google
I’ve had Kelly do 3 concrete jobs for me in the last 5 years. They are simply fantastic. My driveway was done 5 years ago and still doesn’t have a crack in it. Looks perfect. They are professional and clean up pretty well too. I will use no one else for concrete work prices are reasonable too. Kevin is a nice guy and I know several of his children from my teaching and they were all great students. A winning family and winning company.
Becca A. Avatar
Becca A.
5/22/2023 - Google
We are so pleased with our new driveway and sidewalk! Ryan and his crew were professional, prompt, and kept us updated every step of the way. They squared off our driveway, replaced all the grass and landscaping that had to be moved during the construction, and were so polite when our curious kiddos would make their way outside to see what was happening. We are so happy with the work done and highly recommend Kelly Construction!

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