Commercial Concrete Coatings
Commercial Concrete Coatings

Commercial Concrete Coatings For Fire Houses, Auto Shops, Tool Shops, and More

As a responsible business owner, creating a safe and functional environment to protect your customers and employees starts from the ground up - with your flooring!

For the ultimate in safety, style and durability, Kelly Designs in Concrete is proud to provide you with a variety of choices including Penntek and Business Flooring Specialists commercial floor coating systems designed to enhance the look and feel of any size space. Our flooring solutions are ideal for a variety of businesses.

We use premium quality supplies to create a wide range of flooring options and we specialize in polyaspartic polyurea coatings for fast return to service in your fire house, auto shop, tool shop, or other machine-heavy business. Other hybrid flooring options are available on large projects.

Interested in learning how the experts at Kelly Designs in Concrete can create a safe and functional environment for your business? Fill out our form below for more information.

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